Leadership Essay: Professional Writing Guidelines

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A leadership essay intends to describe or analyze the concept of leadership that can be considered as a respectful, inspirational, and motivational factor for other people. This type of essay can be written as a biographical paper on a person who has achieved success being a leader or it can be written on some general topic, where one focuses and reflects on leader’s characteristics. In other words, the core emphasis should be placed on the characteristics or features that make up a good leader.

What is leadership essay?

Before starting work on your leadership essay, it is essential to make sure that you properly understand the concept of leadership. Delve deeper into the terms “leader” and “leadership” – what comes to your mind when you here there concepts. What role does leadership play in the society? Focus on how your understanding of leadership is related to what you do. Afterwards, you need to decide on the paper structure, specifically how you want to develop ideas logically. Besides, focus on some techniques that will interest your target reader.

When it comes to leadership essay writing, this essay contains three main parts: introduction, the main body, and conclusion – as in other types of essays. In the introductory part, be sure to set some context and formulate a thesis statement at the end of it. Further, in the body paragraphs, elaborate on the ideas, express the opinion or argument that you want to, and provide supporting examples and evidence. In the conclusion, wrap up the main discussion results and findings. Make sure you use credible information and ample evidence.

How to Start a Leadership Essay?

Start the very writing process with an elaborate outline. If you want to provide a good paper, make sure you carefully plan the writing process. A good plan will definitely come in handy for you. At first, you may simply brainstorm all ideas that are worth including in the paper. Then you may look through them once again and double-check whether all of them are relevant or whether you would like to narrow down the list of them. Afterwards, you will have to decide on the order of ideas: whether you want to provide them in a chronological order or maybe logical order of appearance. Think of transitions that you would use throughout the paper body so that you make the essay coherent and smooth. Having this outline, it will be easier for you to follow some specific steps without being afraid to overlook some important ideas or get stuck in the middle of the writing process.

Leadership Essay Introduction

Start your introduction with a hook. Like with the other types of essay writing, the importance of leadership essay introduction cannot be undermined. Introduction is an opening paragraph that puts forward the idea what you intend to discuss and analyze. Thus, the best approach to providing an effective introduction is to come up with a hook – a catchy idea that will maintain interest of your audience. At the same time, it is critical not to let out all “secrets” already in the introduction. Focus on what topic you are investigating, what its significance is, etc. Sometimes, it may be relevant and topical to mention how your personal experience relates to the topic. Since the essay is on leadership, specify what role leadership plays in your life, whether you can boast some leadership skills, and so on.

Continue with investigating the concept of leadership. When you are developing an introduction about leadership essay, you need to provide your interpretation of the subject. Try to be original and focus on your personal experience when reflecting your standpoint. When describing your own understanding of the topic, think of addressing the following questions:

  • Do you agree that excellent communicational skills are essential for one to become a leader?
  • Do you consider that the ability to take risks and being ambitious are significant when applying for the position of a top-manager?
  • Does hierarchy provide more opportunities for a leader in the management experience?

The Main Body

The main body comprises of body paragraphs that are actually the core part of your essay. Here you need to express your opinions, ideas, suggestions, interpretations, and examples in a great detail. As a rule, the main body comprises of 3-5 paragraphs depending on the instructions. Each body paragraph should focus on a separate idea, and it should be well-developed and properly supported. Despite the fact that all of them focus on different ideas, the design or structure should be maintained in unity. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that must be related to one of the ideas expressed in the thesis statement. This approach will ensure that ideas are smoothly and logically develop.

How to End a Leadership Essay?

Even though many students undermine the importance of the leadership essay conclusion, it is actually your last chance to impress your audience. Whereas the introductory paragraph makes the first impression, the conclusive paragraph leaves a lasting impression. Briefly summarize the main findings, reiterate the importance of the discussion, and re-emphasize the most important findings.

How to Write a Leadership Essay? Tips and Guidelines from Experts

When working on a leadership essay, some of the commonly encountered challenges are to choose the subject, come up with a proper structure, formulate a title, and focus on the structure. Check out the following tips how to write an excellent student leadership essay.

Tip 1. Decide on the subject area you want to choose for writing an essay on leadership. If your professor has not assigned you a topic or has not provided you with a list of topics to choose from, it may seem difficult for you to narrow down to something specific. However, try at least to outline the area of your interest. Try to write about leadership in relation to the area that you plan to work in your future. For example, if you plan to work in the hospitality area, so focus on exploring leadership in this sphere.

Tip 2. Narrow down the topic. After you have chosen the general subject area, narrow it down and formulate the topic. Remember that, if you want your essay to be successful, do not make it too broad. If you are working on a high school leadership essay, you may not need to delve deep into the issue, but if you are working on a college leadership essay, you need to be more detailed and specific.

Tip 3. Differentiate for yourself the concept of leadership and management. They are different in essence, but many people often confuse them. Even though these two terms have some common characteristics, leadership is more about vision and beliefs related to management and leading the process, whereas management relates to specific techniques and tools. As such, not every leader is a manager. However, if you are interested in deeper investigation of leadership, study different styles, such as autocratic, transformational, and servant leadership.

Tip 4. Take into consideration structure. If you have an essay prompt, you should closely follow leadership essay questions that are provided on the paper instructions list. You need to address them concisely one by one in a logical structure. In the introduction, you need to provide the background of the topic, in the thesis statement you need to formulate the core idea, in the main body you need to expand that idea and elaborate it in depth, and in the conclusion you need to wrap up the discussion.

Tip 5. Try to foresee the questions that your readers may have. If you hold this aspect in focus, it will be more likely that the discussion will be comprehensible and clear. In general, it is highly recommended to take into consider your target readers, their interests, educational and professional background, etc. in order to make your paper more interesting to them.

Tip 6. Focus on the relevance and significance of your paper. Since leadership is focused on effective strategies that have their practical application in real-life situations, you need to come up with leadership essay examples.

In general, writing an essay on leadership is not as hard as it may seem. First of all, you need to understand who can be considered to be a leader. According to a popular definition, a leader is someone who has the power to motivate, encourage, and influence. A leader can help others achieve their goals. Based on such basic principles, an essay on leadership may be centered on the following aspects:

  • Definition of leadership. Specific character traits that make one a good leader.
  • Different leadership styles and their role.
  • Real-life examples of leaders in your life.
  • Description and analysis of a real leader in the society.
  • Review of your own leadership skills and how you plan to implement them further in life.

These are some of the basis leadership essay titles that you may come up with in the process of writing your paper on leadership. You may follow these prompts, but make sure that you properly review your paper when you finish it.

Leadership Essay Topics

Genial Leadership Topics

  • Should teachers be those who are dictating their students what they should do in the future?
  • The importance of leadership practice for a future nurse?
  • The role of leadership in social work.
  • Discussion and analysis of the relationship leadership model.
  • How does leadership impact on students’ and teachers’ success and achievements?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of students’ leadership.
  • Youth participation in leadership.
  • Leadership philosophy that can be implemented by students.
  • The impact of servant leadership on the future mentoring of students.
  • The process of leading and its benefits for the society, community, and a specific group of people.

Leadership Qualities Topics

  • What leadership traits have you identified in yourself so far?
  • Is responsibility one of the most important qualities for one to have in order to be a leader?
  • What personal qualities, traits or abilities define a leader?
  • Do you consider confidence to be one of the underlying features necessary for a leader?
  • Can an emotional person be a good leader?
  • Is it important for a leader to be empathetic?
  • What characteristics may serve as an obstacle for ladies to obtain leadership positions?
  • Can selfish leaders cause positive changes?
  • Can a person obtain leadership skills after he/ she is chosen for some leading position?
  • Are leadership qualities more acquired or innate?

Leadership Experience Topics

  • How can a leader impact his/ her surrounding?
  • Discuss childhood passion for becoming a leader.
  • In the American presidential elections between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, were leadership traits of the candidates taken into account?
  • The connection between practical skills and training with leadership experience.
  • Does a person’s experience play an essential role when forming leadership qualities?
  • The influence of online courses on the experience of leadership?
  • Is rich former experience essential for transformational leadership?
  • Can age be a determining factor in acquiring leadership experience?
  • Should a person applying for a leadership position have already experience in it?
  • What specific jobs and workplaces demand from one to possess leadership skills?

Leadership in the Workplace Topics

  • The importance of diversity in any business or organization.
  • Leadership styles of men vs. leadership styles of women.
  • The existing prejudices and biases concerning leadership positions of men and women.
  • The role of women in the society and how it is related to the distribution of power.
  • Gender differences in the forms of leadership.
  • Historical background and roles of women and men.
  • What role does gender play in leadership management?
  • How are men and women different leaders?
  • What position do men and women hold in the society nowadays?
  • How have historical roles of leaders changed over the last years?

Topics Related to Factors Impacting Leadership

  • How is the theory of organizational humanism limited when it comes to leadership?
  • Discuss and analyze a case study of a business leadership model.
  • How characteristics of a specific type of personnel impact the leadership style in the workplace.
  • How is leadership affected by technology?
  • What political and economic factors influence leadership?
  • How sociological factors are influential for effective leadership?
  • The role of employees and their influence on the leadership style in a specific organization.
  • The effect that organizational changes have on employees.
  • Is functional unit coordination an effective means towards reaching effective leadership?
  • Is organizational culture an obstacle for effective leadership?

Hopefully, some of these topics may inspire you to write your scholarship leadership essay successfully. When choosing the topic, make sure you are passionate about what you discuss.

How to Create a Stunning Essay on Leadership?

First of all, come up with a topic that is neither too broad or too narrow. Try to strike a balance when choosing the topic and make sure that the topic is equally interesting to you and your target audience. It is essential to make the essay appealing and informative at the same time. Apart from providing research findings and some expert evidence, try to mention some future implementation or a call to action in order to demonstrate how the topic can be further expanded. We do hope that the tips provided in this article will help you come up with an excellent paper.